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Publigifts S.L.,, is a clearly Extremaduran company that began its steps in February 1992 with the help of Francisco Martín Cabanillas, then owner of a modest advertising gift company, which he founded in 1974. Knowing that there was an important gap in the wholesale distribution of all kinds of advertising items and corporate gifts, he decided to create his company, which was joined by three of his five daughters and five workers of recognized professional solvency. Later, their other two daughters and 10 other workers began to join the workforce.

Knowing that there was an important gap in the distribution of all kinds of advertising articles and company gifts to the largest, he decided to create his company, joined by three of his five daughters and five workers of recognized professional solvency. Subsequently, two other daughters and 10 workers joined the workforce.

From the beginning, its founder detected that the companies demanded clothing and labor protection materials from the complainants, which they could not offer because their suppliers did not offer this material. Seeing in this field a good business possibility, he created a catalog that he baptized with the name of LABORO, which in Latin means WORK.

It later signed a contract with GOR FACTORY, the largest national textile manufacturer, being one of its distributors nationwide. Its ROLY brand is well known and valued for its good value for money.

The commercial vision of its founder, the youthful vigour of its five daughters, the professionalism of its 15 employees and the confidence it has been able to generate in its clients, have made it possible for Publigifts S.L. to be located in a preferential position within the sector. It has brought in qualified sales staff with English, French and Portuguese proficiency to boost its sales in Europe and parts of Africa.


Publigifts currently has 5,000 m2 facilities, which consist of warehouses equipped with modern storage systems to facilitate the selection of merchandise and large and modern sales, administration and exhibition offices.


The objective of Publigifts is to deliver its services to its clients based on the highest quality criteria. For this reason, in 2006 it implemented the ISO 9001 Standard. Its commitment to the environment led it to implement the ISO 14001 Standard in the same year, which regulates the measures to be adopted to avoid contamination and waste management.


Publigifts has a risk coverage policy with CREDITO Y CAUCION S.A., a company of recognized solvency that operates internationally. If your clients prove their commercial solvency, PUBLIGIFTS grants you credit based on your credit possibilities.

On the other hand, and to expedite payments from clients who do not have credit, PUBLIGIFTS has open accounts with all the financial institutions in the population: BANKIA, BBVA, CAIXABANK, CAJA RURAL, BANCO POPULAR, LIBERBANK, BANKINTER, GRUPO CAJA 3 , CAJA ALMENDRALEJO and the Portuguese bank CAIXA GRAL DEPOSITOS


While it is true that the fundamental activity of PUBLIGIFTS S. L. is the import, storage and distribution of all kinds of articles, it is no less true that many of its clients, even having printing workshops, entrust this work to the good work of this company.

PUBLIGIFTS S. L. has concerts with the best customization workshops, being able to print by the systems listed below:

  • SILKSCREEN PRINTING.- It is the traditional textile printing system. It is a simple, economical and very practical system for textile printing. To print by screen printing you need a screen with nylon thread with different holes for the ink to pass through, depending on the type of garment you want to print, an interline interval and ink. To protect our environment, we use plastic inks (plastisols). At first silkscreen printing was done manually, but nowadays there are sophisticated machines that print up to 8 colors, achieving up to superb quadrricomies.
  • DIRECT PRINTING.- This innovative printing system allows printing with photographic quality, penetrating the inks into the fabric in such a way that it becomes a single body. The inks used respect the environment. It can be made from a single garment. Printing size can reach up to 40 x 50.
  • VINYL.- To print these garments with this system, we use quality vinyl that is transferred to the garment by means of a heat plate. For small quantities it is a very suitable system. We use vinyl in a single color, being indicated in t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts , polo shirts, sports equipment...
  • TRANSFER OF SILKSCREEN PRINTING.- In cases where we understand that there are difficulties for a good impression by the traditional silkscreen printing, we use the transfer of silkscreen printing. We print on special paper and then fix it with a heat plate.
  • EMBROIDERY.- We have the necessary equipment to carry out an embroidery work of extraordinary quality up to 8 colors in small and large size, either directly in the garment or in patches.
  • TRANSFER OF VINYL TO ALL COLOR.- We get a stamping of high quality, resistant to washes, achieving the printing on dark backgrounds in different materials ( cotton, lycra, polyester... ). It is very valid for small quantities in dark colors.
  • SUBLIMATION.- With this system we can print in full color all polyester garments 100%, making the inks penetrate the fabric achieving a great breathability. This is why it is the best printing system in polyester garments for athletes. Heat plates are used for sublimation at a temperature of around 190 º. Logically, very special inks must be used, depending on the type of printing used.
  • FULL PRINT.- With this system we manage to print in full color on all the sides of the garment, being able to customize on the entire surface of the garment. The garment needs to be 100% polyester. It can be customized from a single garment.


Publigifts once registered the F.M.C. brand to manufacture and market all kinds of textile articles and flammable material (Lighters). It markets very important brands, which are not its property, as can be seen in its catalogues.


Every year Publigifts publishes the following three major catalogues of its property:

  • EUROPEAN GIFTS (General catalogue of advertising items and corporate gifts)
  • LABORO (General Catalogue of Clothing and Labour Protection)
  • PUBLICALENDAS (General catalogue of calendars and graphic arts)

Its representative, GOR FACTORY, provides you with its catalogue ROLY, which is very complete, with articles of textile advertising, sports and work.

All these catalogues are sent to your customers by express mail free of charge.


This company, in its desire to give the best service to its clients, has set up an unprecedented service in the sector, which has called THE ACHIEVER, through which it undertakes to locate any article that demands it, whether or not in its catalog.


Because Publigifts understands that "union is strength", it is partner of the two national associations of the sector: AIMFAP and FYVAR. It also belongs to the international ones: PSI, EPPA, HONG KONG TRADE, EUROPEAN SOURCING...